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Telegram is also the best and the top rated social media which is performing well with its top best features (like Telegram group links, Telegram Channels, etc..). Telegram is mostly built with privacy where you can have your own data with you only. No one on the telegram or the third party person can’t access or check your details.

Also here you can join unlimited Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels with the help of Telegram group invite links that are provided on this Social Group Link site.

You can join unlimited Telegram groups without showing your mobile number to the public on the Telegram application.

Telegram Group links are the few famous group links among social media all over the world where people chat with more than 1000’s of people at once. Telegram Group has a limit of 200,000 Members.

Also, we can set customized settings in Telegram groups to members who don’t follow group rules or limit the messages of a specific user. If you are the owner or the admin of the group then you can control more.

So, here we have a collection of 100000+ Telegram Group links to join and chat with online friends. Or also you can search for a specific group that you want to join as per Category wise or via the Tags. From the down below you can find more Telegram Groups invite links with category wise to join.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a social media platform where you can chat with your friends and other users in the platform.

It has an End to End Security to your personal messages, chats, media, and call history. Telegram has launched in 14 August 2013 for ios devices and 20 October 2013 for Android devices.

Telegram has 700 million users active all over the world on monthly bases.

So, if you are a Telegram user then you need to know about the Telegram Groups.

What is Telegram Group?

It is a group where Telegram users do join and chat with group members. It connects specific users into a Group.

To join the group you need to have an invite link or you need to ask the admin of the group to add your number to the group.

Or else you can follow this too

How to Join the Telegram group via the Link?

If you have the Telegram group invite link then click on it to join directly into the specific group. If not ask the admin of the specific group to give the invite link of the group.

Here we have mentioned the best Telegram Groups with the Invite links you can check these groups to join in 2023.

Best List of Telegram Groups

Here is the best list of telegram groups available to join today. Check these latest and active groups and join the group that you want.

Telegram Adult Group

This group is about Adult people who are seeking to join the adultgram. In this group you will find the b rated videos, ullu web series, Gay Telegram, gay friend videos, porn videos, 18+ videos, Telegram sex and more groups. But we didn’t added the telegram adult group links here to join those groups now.

So, do check the Adult Category to join those groups as said above. And we are not responsible for any group content, those groups are moderated by admins of the groups, we are not responsible for any of the content or videos shared.

Telegram Porn Group

This group is about B-rated porn on Telegram. There are many porn channels and porn groups are available on Telegram to join and share. If you want to join these porn groups then do check the Adult category for more groups.

Telegram Sex Group

This Telegram group is about Sex videos or sexy images on Telegram channels. If you want to join the Telegram sex group then do check the Telegram Adult category.

Ullu Telegram Group  link

This group is about Ullu Videos, movies and Ullu adult web series. If you want to join these ullu Telegram Group links then do check the Ullu or Entertainment category to watch the Ullu videos.

Gay Telegram Group

This group is about Gay Telegram. If you want to join these Gay telegram groups then do check these Gay Telegram Tags.

Actually, What is Gay Telegram?

Gay Telegram is a community of members on a Telegram where most of them are Gay or LGBTQ.

How to join this Gay telegram?

To join this Gay telegram you need to visit the social group link site and after that, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Visit
  • Search for Tag Gay Telegram.
  • Now under that tag, you will see groups listed.
  • Choose the group that you want to join and click on Join Group.
  • Now you will be redirected to Gay Telegram.

Hope the above steps helped you to join the Gay Telegram groups on Telegram Social Media.

How to create a Telegram Group?

To create a Telegram group Follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Telegram app from the play store or app store.
  2. And create an account on Telegram.
  3. After that click on the pencil/edit button shown right below.
  4. Now you can see the 1st option “New Group“.
  5. Click on it and choose at least 1 contact friend.
  6. Now proceed with the downright arrow mark.
  7. Here enter your group title.
  8. And Click the right tick mark.

In this way now you have created a Telegram group successfully. And if you don’t know how to copy the invite link of the group, then do check out the below steps.

How to Join Telegram Group?

Here you can find the 10000+ telegram groups to join. You can easily join those groups with some simple steps. So follow the steps to join these groups now.

  1. Choose your group type on Social Group Link.
  2. Now Click on Join Group.
  3. After that, you will see a confirmation Page to join with group information.
  4. Click on Join Group.
  5. Now you will be joining that group.

In this way, you can join any group on the Social group link site. And also remember to check group rules if they are provided.

This is the Image you will see before Joining

Telegram Group Link

Remember: Due to telegram link errors, sometimes you will be seeing an error page if you join the TG group with the following link ( ).

So, when you are facing errors like this, change the URL to ( ).

And also if you are interested in checking other group links.

And, if you are an admin of any Telegram group or Telegram Channel, here we are providing the best and free ways to get unlimited numbers of subscribers or group members.

Follow the Add Group Button to submit your Group or channel links.

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