How to Add whatsapp group or any social group link on Google

We add WhatsApp groups or any social groups to Google to get users for our business or any other requirement. So, here we have the best site where you can publish your group links for free in 2024.

The site where you can create or  publish your group links are: Add Your Group to Social Group Link

Tips to get Group Rank on Google

If your group ranks on Google more users will join and it gets boosted by our internal linking and with our domain power.

No need to worry, Here are the steps to get your group rank on google.

Step 1: Goto Social Group link site

Step 2: On the top menu on the Right side you can find CREATE GROUP.


Step 3: On the screen on right side below you can see + icon with green background. Click on it to go to create a group page.

Step 4: On that page, you can add your WhatsApp group, Telegram group,  Facebook Group, Snapchat Group, Discord Server, and Signal Group.

Step 5: Add a good title and write more content about your group in 150+ words.

Step 6: The more good content and more info you add the more it ranks for Google.

In this way, you can add your groups to this site and rank them in Google for free.


Also, If you want to add your group to the ad section of our site do contact us.


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