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Tamil Aunty WhatsApp Group Link – Best of 2024

May 26th, 2024 by


WhatsApp groups have become a popular way for people to connect, share information, and build communities. Among the many types of groups available, Tamil Aunty WhatsApp groups have gained attention. These group links are designed for people interested in Tamil culture, traditions, and community discussions. In this post, we will explore the significance of these groups and provide guidelines on how to join groups respectfully and effectively.

Tamil Aunty WhatsApp Group Links

Tamil Aunty:- Click to Join

Chat Frnds:- Click to Join

Tamilians only:- Click to Join

Frnds 4 Life:- Click to Join

Tamil Vid Updates:- Click to Join

New Tamil Posts:- Click to Join

Anty Online:- Click to Join

Tamil Whatsapp Group Links

Group Rules

  1. Respect Everyone: Treat all members with respect and kindness. Avoid offensive language or behavior.
  2. Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant to Tamil culture, traditions, and community topics. Off-topic discussions should be kept to a minimum.
  3. No Spam: Do not share unsolicited promotions, advertisements, or spam messages. This includes links to unrelated websites or products.
  4. Privacy Matters: Respect the privacy of all members. Do not share personal information or group content outside the group without permission.
  5. Be Supportive: Offer support and constructive advice when requested. This is a community for sharing knowledge and helping each other.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural differences and sensitivities. Avoid sharing content that might be considered disrespectful or inappropriate.
  7. No Political or Religious Debates: To maintain harmony, avoid discussions that are politically or religiously charged.


Tamil Aunty WhatsApp groups offer a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with their cultural community, share knowledge, and receive support. By following the group rules and participating respectfully, members can ensure a positive and enriching experience for everyone. Whether you are looking for advice, networking opportunities, or a sense of community, joining a Tamil Aunty WhatsApp group can be a rewarding experience.

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Gay Snapchat 2024 – Find Active Snapchat Gay Groups

May 7th, 2024 by

Gay Snapchat 2024 – Find Snapchat usernames of Gay

Here we have listed the 1000’s of Gay Snapchat friend’s usernames to chat and have fun with them. Anyone can join now and chat with them for free and make them friends. We have the latest gay Snapchat usernames of 2024 to join now.

Also, we have the Snapchat groups for gays to join now with the invite links given below. From there you can find the 1000’s of Gay Snapchat usernames to chat with them right now. Here you can find and join the Snapchat groups listed down below.

Every week we do promote one username from the groups for free. If you want to be featured in the group then you can also join these groups that we have down below.

Gay Snapchat groups are made only for gay friends who want to chat on Snapchat with online friends.

Also do remember to follow the group rules that we have listed down below.

Snapchat Group for Gays

Here are the few group links to join now. These links are updated and monitored every day. Choose your type of group and join.

So, these are the few gay Snapchat group links to join in the year 2021. And we do update every group invite link with the new link. Stay connected to this site and remember us for more.

Also, check out the group rules before joining the Snapchat groups. Everyone in the group must follow these group rules.

Group Rules

Here are the few rules we have listed to follow

  • Always be friendly with other group members.
  • Don’t send any links in group.
  • Sharing videos is not allowed.
  • Never share your personal details in group.
  • Don not fight with group members.

For more group rules do check the description of the Snapchat group.


These are the few Gay Snapchat group links for usernames that we have listed to join now in the year 2024. For more group links stay connected to this site Gaysnapchat. And if you have any issues or facing any problem with the group members then do message the admin or you can contact us via the contact us page.

Discord Servers – Join latest 10000+ servers of 2024

April 27th, 2024 by

Top Discord Servers in America 2024

Originally designed for the gaming community, Discord has evolved to serve more than just gamers. So, if you’re searching to build a network of friends online with common interests, this social media platform offers the perfect solution. 

At Social Group Link, we understand the need for community. As a result, we have compiled a list of hot Discord servers you may like to explore. Keep reading to identify popular Discord channels that you may love to join. This article also highlights some ways you can grow and secure your server.

Growing Discord Server Tips

Discord holds chat groups that serve diverse interests. Whether you’re trying to build a community server for networking or a gaming channel for eSport activities, there’s space for everyone. We appreciate that building a Discord server community can be a challenge. Hopefully, these tricks can help you solidify your space on the platform.

Utilize Listing Sites

Directory websites can help you generate significant traffic to your server. But, to reap maximum benefits you need to ensure that the information included is search engine optimized. Adopt the use of great meta tags and attach a clear server description to ensure your Discord server ranks high.

Affiliate Marketing

Collaborating with other Discord creators can help you grow your chat group. The process involves using a Discord bot that carries the Direct Messaging affiliate feature. This tool helps the creators to share each other’s URL links with their members. We recommend the DM affiliate method for growing and mid-sized chat groups to enhance effectiveness.

Server Discovery

Discord provides an in-app search engine that helps users to find relatable chat groups. But, you can only unlock this feature once your Discord server attains 1,000 members. Even though this requirement is high, the benefits are undeniable. Remember, the feature uses your server name and description as keywords. Therefore, ensure the information you provide is search engine optimized to boost traffic.

Use Paid Advertisement

If you can create a budget for paid ads, you can use different social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to market your server. You can also pay other Discord creators to advertise and share your Discord link to a wider audience. This method can be very effective and offers quick returns.

Harness Your Creative Power

You can creatively grow your server by posting engaging social media content that will boost activity in your chat group. Your niche selection can also determine your growth rate. As a Discord creator, you should come up with unique ways grow your community. Use your community to help you to grow. Remember, word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Maintaining Discord Server Safety

It’s common to hear Discord creators complain about their servers getting raided. This can be very frustrating given how challenging it is to grow these communities. Thankfully, there are ways you can fortify your Discord server and avoid getting nuked. Here’s how:

Two-Factor Authentication

You should always ensure that your server moderators have their 2FA settings enabled. This minimizes the chances of their accounts falling prone to malicious attacks. Enabling the setting on your server also prevents your staff from accessing unauthorized server functions.

Assign Specific Roles to Your Staff

Firstly, you should be the only administrator of your server. While you can hire moderators for your channel, ensure that their functions are specific. Remember, their accounts can be compromised. Even worse, the moderators can also decide to raid your channel. Only provide permissions within the server that help them seamlessly run their functions. Sensitive roles such as server and webhook management should be limited to Discord bots.

Set Up Wick Bot

Are you looking to upgrade your server security? The Wick bot is your best defense. It’s a powerful anti-raid bot that keeps malicious attacks from hackers away. Even your staff won’t be able to raid your Discord servers once you set up the Wick bot. Its only downside is its activation process. The setup can be complex and too daunting to complete. But, it’s worth it!

Stay Up-to-date With New Hacker Tricks

Cybercriminals keep coming up with new ways to hack Discord servers. The latest decoy is a QR scan trick they send for you to try out claiming they can’t redeem their Discord Nitro membership. Be aware that scanning this key overrides the 2FA setting compromising your security. You should educate your staff to ensure they don’t fall for such tricks. Also, advise them not to click on any random links that may be sent to them. Cyber safety is key. Ensure you staff is well educated on this subject.

Use Reputable Bots

While Discord provides reliable bots to ensure a seamless experience, some malicious ones can be sent by users on your server. As a result, ensure you only use bots from reputable sites like Mudae. Remember, bot owners can control them. If you’re not careful they can wreak havoc on your server and cause you to lose it.

Adding Bots to Your Discord Server

One of the best features of Discord is its ability to allow users to enhance their experience by adding bots to their servers. Bots can help you improve your server functionality, and boost community engagement. It can also help you perform some tasks on the platform. Here are some of the benefits of using Discord servers:

  • Optimize server functionality: Bots provide users within a server with unique features. Tasks such as poll creation, and automated announcements that help improve server engagement can be easily completed by Discord bots.
  • Reduce Workload for moderators:  Setting up bots within your server helps alleviate some of the heavy workload that moderators carry. They do this by undertaking functions such as filtering abusive content, enforcing chat rules, and server management. 
  • Promote Server Interaction:  Discord carries multiple utility bots that help drive community engagement. They do this by introducing interactive commands and games that fuel participation among members.

Where to Find Discord Server Bots

Finding bots on the Discord platform is relatively easy. You can find these tools through various channels including: 

Discord Bot Repositories: This is an official platform where creators can add their bots. It provides an avenue for users to find useful tools for their servers.

Third-party websites: There are several sources outside the Discord platform where you can find helpful bots to match your server needs. 

Fellow Server Creators: You can receive recommendations for some of the best bots from other Discord creators.  This is one of the best avenues to explore because the bots have been proven to be reliable by fellow users.

Adding Discord Server Bots

You can easily add discord server bots to your account by following the instructions below:

  1. Identify the bot you want. Ensure that you select one that will improve your member’s user experience.
  2. Find the bot’s website or browse the Discord bot repositories to authorize it. This is the only way that you can grant the bot access to your server.
  3. Grant functionality permissions to the bot. Ensure you allow only specific commands to avoid compromising your server security.

After adding a bot to your server, we recommend customizing its settings to ensure it operates well along with other features. Here’s how you can customize your Discord bot:

  • Configure settings: It’s best that you alter your server’s command permissions, moderate its tasks, and tweak default prefixes to ensure optimized bot functionality.
  • Integration: To enjoy maximum benefits from the Discord bot, you should find out how you can integrate its functionality to match existing server plugins. 

These two steps will help you provide an excellent user experience for you and your members. You also need to run regular updates on the bot. Bot developers carry out routine upgrades that introduce new features that help to eliminate bugs and enhance security. It’s also crucial that you consistently monitor your Discord bot performance. You can quickly identify issues and solve them this way.

Troubleshooting Options for Discord Server Bots 

While bots are helpful and elevate overall server performance, several issues can crop up when using them. Fortunately, there are ways to solve some common problems. Listed below are a few scenarios and solutions to bot issues: 

Bot Crashes

It’s common for bots to malfunction especially when in dire need of upgrades. If you notice unexpected behavior, it’s best to check the bot documentation for solutions. If you can’t find any, you should contact support for assistance.

Cross-platform compatibility

A bot can fail to function after setting it up on your Discord server. Given how taxing the process can be, it’s best to check server configurations and permissions to avoid compatibility issues.


The use of bots on your server can encourage their misuse and abuse. To ensure that your server runs smoothly after integrating bot use, you should certainly keep measures in place. Implementing cool-down times, adding anti-spam filters, and setting up verification systems can help your server members use them efficiently.

Changing Picture on Discord Server

The Discord platform affords users the chance to engage in multiple servers. Even better, you can personalize each community by assigning different pictures to each server. However, your overall Discord profile image remains unaltered. Be aware that only users with a Discord Nitro membership can enjoy this feature. Below are instructions to help you change your picture on Discord servers.

  1. Open the Discord website and select the “Open Discord in your browser” option.
  2. Navigate to your screen’s bottom corner and click on the gear cog. You’ll find it located adjacent to your user name.
  3. Open the “User Settings” menu and choose “Profiles.” Select “Server profiles.”
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over your current server photo. An Unlock Avatar prompt will appear on the image. Click on it.
  5. Choose either the “Upload Image “or “Choose a GIF” option displayed on the screen.
  6. Find the photo you want to add to your server and select “Open.”
  7. Edit the image and click “Apply.”
  8. Confirm changes by selecting the “Save Changes” option.  You can click on the “Reset” button if you don’t like the new image and want to try out another. 


How can you join a Discord Server?

You can use invite links to join Discord servers. Our team provides up-to-date Discord URLs that you can click on and join a chat group.

Is Discord a free-to-use platform?

Yes. For the most part, Discord server users can utilize most of its features and functionality for free. However, the platform provides an optional premium membership called Discord Nitro where members enjoy premium features at a cost.

What’s the minimum age requirement for joining Discord?

You should be at least 13 years old to sign up and create a Discord account. 

Can you rejoin a Discord server after you’ve been kicked out?

It’s common for Discord members to be temporarily banned from a server. Luckily, you can always rejoin as long as you have an active invite link. Be aware that this won’t be possible if the ban is permanent.

What does timeout mean on a Discord server?

When placed on a timeout, you can’t respond to messages, or engage in voice channels or video calls. Only chat groups and administrators can place you on timeout. Server members are typically placed on timeout when they violate community guidelines.

Find the Perfect Discord Server Communities

Millions of chat groups exist within the Discord platform. Searching through them to find the perfect servers to join can be a daunting task. Using Social Group link allows you to quickly browse through multiple channels and join those that suit you. Even better, we’ve categorized them into common interest groups to minimize time wastage. As a user, you can also market your Discord servers through our website.

So, what’s your best Discord server community? Would you recommend Discord to other social media users? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Meta Description: Learn about the top trending Discord servers in our extensive guide. Social Group Link ensures that finding engaging and active channels is hassle-free. Our Discord servers lit is a treasure hunt for users seeking to make new friends and build communities.



Snapchat Group Links 2024 – Active Groups to join

March 16th, 2024 by

Here are the best Snapchat group links are available to join now in the year 2024. Find the best and most active public Snapchat groups to join.

These Snapchat groups are public so, they do have random admins where they manage their own groups. Always respect those group rules and join.

So here are few listed below now to join.


  • Don’t chat privately.
  • Do not share your personal details.
  • Do not argue with group members.
  • Respect everyone in the group.

So, these are the few group rules that I have shared you can also find them in the Snapchat group description or in the chat.

snapchat group link

Snapchat Group Links


Snapchat Group – Join Now

Boys & Girls Friends – Join Now

Non-Stop StreakJoin Now

Only Queens – Join Now

Floor Friends – Join Now

Bad Joker – Join Now

Open World Group – Join Now

Friends For All – Join Now

So, here are the few group links that we have provided, we will update more soon.


These are the group links that you can join and enjoy chatting with Snapchat group friends in the year 2024. If you want more group to join just stay updated to this post and also do remember our site for future reference.

Also, if you have any social groups like Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, discord servers, signal groups, and Snapchat groups then do list them here for users to join.

Hyderabad Gay chat | Best and Active Groups of 2024

February 29th, 2024 by

There are many gay chat groups links are available on google but in those groups, Hyderabad gay chat is one of the most famous. Here in this Hyderabad gay chat you can find the most number of Telugu gay chat friends. For more gay groups you can join Gay Telegram.

In Hyd gay chat you can find more number of special features to chat with your friends. In Hyderabad gay chat your data is private and secure because of the telegram groups policy. In Hyd gay chat we will provide more group links. In gay chat Hyd we will update the group links every day. In Hyderabad gay chat your profile and your personal details are secured. In gay chat Hyd you can find more number of stickers and gifs.

hyderabad gay telegram

Telegram Gay Group Link – 2024

Gay Chat Group Links

Group Name Group Link
Hyd Frnds Join Now
Gay Chat Join Now
Hyderabad Gay Join Now
Group Gay Join Now
Firebolt 😉 Join Now
Indian Gay Join Now
Telangana gays Join Now
Telugu Gays Join Now
Frnds Chat Join Now

Telugu Gay Chat

In these groups you should not share any spam content if we find any type of adult or spam we will immediately remove that member from our group. Our Hyderabad gay chat will not accept any 18 plus content in our groups.

Gay Snapchat

Our gay chat Hyd will follow some guidelines according to user’s privacy data. They are

  1. Users privacy policy.
  2. Removing suspicious members.
  3. Removing 18 content.
  4. update group links daily.
  5. Taking of immediate action on suspicious members.

In Hyderabad gay chat please don’t share your personal details and also please don’t chat with other group members personally. We will update our group links daily. The Hyd gay chat group links are active daily. By joining in our Hyderabad gay chatting you can find new friends. We will provide all our group links at the bottom of our page. By clicking on the join now button you will directly be able join in our groups with the link provided by us. Our gay chat is the most trending groups to join. We will provide more number of group links according to the members joining in them.


So, these are few some of the lists of the group links to join. we will update more group links as soon as possible.


How to Add whatsapp group or any social group link on Google

February 21st, 2024 by

We add WhatsApp groups or any social groups to Google to get users for our business or any other requirement. So, here we have the best site where you can publish your group links for free in 2024.

The site where you can create or  publish your group links are: Add Your Group to Social Group Link

Tips to get Group Rank on Google

If your group ranks on Google more users will join and it gets boosted by our internal linking and with our domain power.

No need to worry, Here are the steps to get your group rank on google.

Step 1: Goto Social Group link site

Step 2: On the top menu on the Right side you can find CREATE GROUP.


Step 3: On the screen on right side below you can see + icon with green background. Click on it to go to create a group page.

Step 4: On that page, you can add your WhatsApp group, Telegram group,  Facebook Group, Snapchat Group, Discord Server, and Signal Group.

Step 5: Add a good title and write more content about your group in 150+ words.

Step 6: The more good content and more info you add the more it ranks for Google.

In this way, you can add your groups to this site and rank them in Google for free.


Also, If you want to add your group to the ad section of our site do contact us.